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Today I was interviewed by Mark Lipinski of Creative Mojo. His introduction for my new book, Modern Paper Crafts was so flattering I was a little speechless at first. Luckly Finn (pictured) broke the ice with a few loud barks. Mark and his co-hosts are always energetic and funny, by the end of the show you wish they were coming over for dinner. He interviews folks in all sorts of creative fields so there is always something interesting to hear and something new to learn. Toginet Radio’s Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski is archived as a Podcast check the May 11, 2011 show.


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  • Sarah

    What a great interview! Love the quote regarding every origami model being a little different. “Every bird in the forest is not the same.” Brilliant! Now I don’t feel so bad about my models not looking like they do in your Origami books. Thanks so much.
    P.s. What a cute doggie!

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