Flower Fridge Magnet

Spring is in full bloom. The air is sweet and the flowers are amazing.

To celebrate I came up with a simple fridge magnet to add a little spring to your grocery list.


5” x 7” card stock • wine glass • quarter • ballpoint pen • scissors • glue • magnet

Using a ballpoint pen, trace the base of the wine glass onto the card stock. Place the quarter in the center of the outline. Press down firmly with the pen as you trace around the coin. You may want to go twice around so that the paper is well scored. Repeat step so you have two disks. (see photo #1)

Trim out the two disks. Make the top disk slightly smaller by cutting approximately 1/8″ on the inside of the outline. Scissor Tip: when cutting curves hold the scissors straight and rotate the paper not the scissors. Make long smooth cuts using the entire length of the blade. Next make a straight cut from the edge of the paper to the center of the circle. (see photo #1)

Overlap the cut edges by approximately a ½ inch. At the same time bend the paper along the scored line gently pushing the center in. Depending on the thickness of the paper it may take a little coaxing. Glue into position. (see photo #2)

Flip it to the other side. Make a straight cut along the seam form the edge to the scored line. Position that cut at 12 o’clock then cut again at 3, 6 & 9. Cut each petal in half and then in half once more(see photo #2). You should end up with 16 petals. Snip the corners of each petal. Repeat steps with second disk. Glue the center of the disks together.

Flip over to the backside and glue the magnet in the center(see photo #3). I used an unwanted magnetic business card.

That’s It!

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