My publishing career started with a simple idea for an origami calendar. It was a nutty recycling idea – a way to use up discarded pages torn from another page-a-day calendar. It has grown into a wonderful project, which has allowed me to meet brilliant paper folders from across the country and around the world. Now over 10 years later I am still fascinated with folding paper – a curiosity that I hope will never end.


The Origami Calendar is an innovative concept in Page-A-Day calendars. Every day of the year you get to transform the square sheets of the calendar into a colorful 3D Origami creation.



The Joy of Origami is traditional in spirit—it reaches back to origami’s original aim, as a way to share unique gifts with friends and family—yet contemporary in look and feel, with 100 sheets of paper featuring bold, often whimsical patterns specially designed to complement the models.



The perfect antidote to “Are we there yet???” Once kids get their hands on the travel-inspired projects in Origami on the Go!, hours will fly by.